James – Cast & Crew List

Hello Auditionees!!! We wanted to thank all of you who came out to audition for James and the Giant Peach. We had an incredible turn out of very talented students!! We had a total of 54 people audition for this play and our wonderful Director, Wayne Leonard, was able to cast 27 people.

If you were not cast in this production, please be assured that ACT has two more Productions coming up in our 2016-2017 Season. In fact, auditions for ELF JR. is coming up September 26 and 27. Further details will be shared with you all about these auditions shortly.

Again, thank you to each one of you who came out to audition for James and the Giant Peach. And now, without further delay, CONGRATULATIONS to the cast and crew of James and the Giant Peach!! PLEASE NOTE: Several cast members have additional roles on stage.

IMPORTANT: Please email Katie Altmann at Bookwoman@triad.rr.com no later than Thursday August 25th at 5 pm to ACCEPT OR DECLINE your role please.

James and the Giant Peach – Cast and Crew List:
Mother Libby Hildebrand
Father Ian Moss
Narrator #1 J. Bennett
Narrator #2 Kara Gilmore
Aunt Sponge Andrew Altman
Aunt Spiker Nora Grace McKenzie
James Trotter Wyatt Halleen
Little Old Man Kendal Fischer
Crowd Member Cat Beck
Old Green Grasshopper Aiden Tysinger
Silkworm Brandi Chrisp
Centipede Joel Knudson
Spider Makani McKenzie
Ladybug Abigail Nova Jones
Earthworm Lenna Murfin
Glow-worm Morgan Smith
Captain Ryan Mertz
First Officer Ava Halleen
Second Officer Sydney Fischer
Cloud-Man #1 Lilly Copplestone
Cloud-Man #2 Georgia Claire Burgess
Cloud-Man #3 Burke King
Cloud-Man #4 Rachel Ealy
Onlooker #1 Rachel Ealy
Onlooker #2 Georgia Claire Burgess
Onlooker #3 Lilly Copplestone
Onlooker #4 Burke King
Onlooker #5 Ryan Mertz
Passenger #1 Cooper Rachlin
Passenger #2 Ian Moss
Passenger #3 Andrew Altman
Passenger #4 Abbey Hopkins
Passenger #5 Melody Joyce
Passenger #6 Cat Beck
Shark #1 Cooper Rachlin
Shark #2 Story Johnson
Shark #3 Abbey Hopkins
Shark #4 Melody Grace
Shark #5 Ava Halleen
Shark #6 Sydney Fischer
Mayor Andrew Altman
Steeple Jack #1 Kendal Fischer
Steeple Jack #2 Sydney Fischer
Little Girl Story Johnson
Fireman Cooper Rachlin
Statue of Liberty Libby Hildebrand
Shoe Company President Ryan Mertz
TV Director Nora Grace McKenzie
Camera Operator Ian Moss
Tightrope Walker Ava Halleen
Conductor Cat Beck
New York Child #1 Melody Joyce
New York Child #2 Abbey Hopkins
Stage Manager Emily Sledge
Assistant Stage Manager Camden Wilder
Tech Crew Abbey Chester
Tech Crew Nick Chester
Tech Crew Sydney Edith Hardy Pereira

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