Frozen Jr Cast Announcement!

“Disney Frozen Jr” Cast List!

Alamance Children’s Theatre Production of 

Frozen Jr white

Directed by Jennifer Matthews

Music Direction by Lynelle Rowley

Choreography by Constance Rea

We are excited to announce the Disney Frozen Jr.’s cast list!

Please email Rebecca Halleen at to accept or decline your role by Wednesday, September 22, 2021 by 5pm.

A note to all of you from the director- “Please don’t just scroll right down and only read the cast list: First and foremost I’d like to say thank you so much to each and every child who auditioned. Every time I do a show I am always reminded of the very high level of talent in this age group, and I am consistently impressed.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t make our jobs as directors very easy at all. There are always way too many amazingly talented kids and way too few roles for all of those who we would love to feature. With Frozen, this is absolutely the case.

So as always, we know that there are some of you who will be disappointed. To each of you I say, don’t ever stop. Don’t ever stop auditioning, or dreaming, or singing, or acting. Just because it may have been a no this time doesn’t mean you won’t have a million yeses in your future.

To those on this list, please know that every single role is vitally important. Almost every role has a small solo and lines. Also please make sure to read the entire list, as your name may appear in more than one place. Looking forward to getting started!”

Young Elsa – Amelia Doi

Young Anna – Caylee Steelman

King Agnarr – Nico Cachafiero

Queen Iduna – Taylor McGee

Middle Elsa – Ella Wevers

Middle Anna – Claire Monroe

Pabbie – Tess McLamb

Bulda – Mykah Green

Anna – Kendal Fisher

Elsa – Olivia Knighten

Hans – Sam McDonald

Weselton – Ben Vincent

Kristoff – Grant Rowley

Sven – Zach Kielty

Bishop – Kiara Dundas

Housekeeper – Madison Almers

Cook – Nevy Fisher

Handmaiden – Eliza Jones

Butler – Bevin Richard

Steward – Nolan Noel

Guards – Heston Manning, Om Shah

Olaf – Chase Kielty

Oaken – Wyatt Halleen

Oaken family – Savannah Blackburn, Nico Cachafeiro, Ashley Higgins, Millice Kelly

Snow Chorus – Kayla Oehling, Ella Portnoy, Ava Halleen, Ria Shah, Rainey Pratt, Lindsey Crosby

Summer Chorus – Nolan Noel, Katherine Pernell, Om Shah, Nevy Fisher, Hayley Rakes, Bevin Richard, Mykah Green, Tess McLamb

Hidden Folk – Alexis Klingelsmith, Ashley Higgins, Eve McCrickard, Charlie Vaughn, Caroline Vincent, Savannah Blackburn, Millice Kelly

Townspeople – Eliza Jones, Amelia Doi, Aidan May, Carson Rowley, Kiara Dundas, Ella Wevers, Caylee Steelman, Hayley Rakes, Heaton Manning, Madison Almers, Ben Vincent, Bevin Richard, Katherine Pernell, Taylor McGee

Stage manager: Abbey Hopkins

Tech Crew: Nick Chester

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