Cast List for Seussical, Jr.


Thank you to everyone who auditioned for Seussical Jr. There is some amazing talent in, and around, Alamance County! Remember that if you are not cast in this ACT production, there will be more opportunities next season!! We have 3 amazing productions coming up in the 2014-2015 season.

If you are cast in Seussical Jr, please email Katie Altmann no later than 8 pm Thursday January 30th to accept your role.

The Parent Meeting will be held on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3rd at Alamance Lutheran Church at 6:30 pm in the Chapel (upstairs). It is essential that at least one parent attend this very important informational meeting. Cast members also need to attend this evening as it is the first rehearsal for Seusical Jr!! The parent meeting scheduled for Saturday, February 1st has been cancelled due to the ABSS make-up day.

And now, without further ado, we would like to announce the Cast for Seussical Jr! Congratulations!

Jojo Shane Hansard
Cat in the Hat Erik Feldmann
Horton Adrian Cardwell
Sour Kangaroo Caroline Segars
Young Kangaroo Izzy Kress
Gertrude Katelyn Wilder
Mayzie Alina Cardwell
Mr. Mayor Aidan Tysinger
Mrs. Mayor Ally Feldmann
Yertle Tyler Haugle
Vlad Vladikoff Sam Crompton
Grinch Josiah Edwards
Thing 1 John Moore
Thing 2 Seth Hansard
Wickershams Thomas Costello, Dawson Dyer, Trinity Ambrose, Andrew Altmann, Camden Wilder, Max Crompton, Nick Chester, Eli Rachlin
Fish Clara Ison, Skylar Foxworth, Sophia Crompton, Lily Welborn, Amy Feldmann, Shannon Clemente, Sarah Beck, Austin Cardwell, Isaac Feldmann, Izzy Kress
Jungle Citizens Hannah Diezel, Sara Davis, Courtney Cox, Autumn James, Meghan Dumayne, Emerson Welborn, Sydney Pereira, Peyton Gadbery, Abby Chester,Kayla Kirkman, Anya Cardwell
Bird Girls Gracie Ficklin, Emma Gadbery, Michaela Cox, Hailey Korzekwinski, Kayla Korzekwinski, Sophia Ison, Eliana Tate, Zoe Steenwyk
The Whos Vivian Hohl, Kara Gilmore, Brooke Hoernke, Emily Sledge, Andrea Alcantar, Keegan Lee, Taylor McGee, Vanessa Velazquez

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