Cast List – Beauty and the Beast

Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast – The Broadway Musical

Cast List Announcement

Hello Auditionees!

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast – The Broadway Musical.  We were overwhelmed to see a great turn out of such talented individuals.

If you were not cast in this production, please be assured that ACT has auditions for Best Christmas Pageant Ever coming in October.  Further details will be announced about these auditions shortly.  So, please look out for information on our website and on the Alamance Children’s Theatre Facebook Page.

Again, thank you to each one of you who came out to audition for Beauty and the Beast. And now, without further delay, CONGRATULATIONS to the cast and crew of Beauty of the Beast!

IMPORTANT: Please email Jennifer Newsome at no later than Thursday, August 17 at 1 pm to ACCEPT OR DECLINE your role.  If you accept your role, please look for a follow-up email with additional information.  Please also make plans to be at the MANDATORY first cast meeting this Thursday, August 17, 2017.


Belle – Cornelia Barnwell

Beast – Wesley Shelton

Gaston – Luc Stadler

Maurice – Camden Wilder

Cogsworth – Joel Knudson

Mrs. Potts – Makani McKenzie

Lumiere – Aidan Tysinger

Chip – Alex Klischer

Babette – Reagan DeLaVega

Madame – Caroline Segars

LeFou – Dakari Ince

Monsier D’Arque – Austin Rowland

Silly Girls – Hailey Korzekwinski, Veronica Newsome, Sydney Pereira

Young Prince – Nick Chester

Gargoyles – Luke Shelton, Caleb Rivera

Wolves – Hollyann Gardner, Sydney Pereira, Veronica Newsome, Hailey Korzekwinski, Kara Gilmore

Enhantress – Hollyann Gardner


Bookseller – Ryan Mertz

Baker – Caleb Rivera

His Wife, Marie – Abigail Jones

Their Son – Spencer Velverton

Fisherman – Cayden Matthews

Lady with Baby – Natalie Clark

Fruit Seller – Rachel Ealy

Sausage Curl Girl – Abby Chester

Teacher – Morgan Smith

Students – Taylor McGee, Nevy Fisher, Kendal Fischer, Nick Chester

Old Lady – Sydney Fischer

Aristocratic Lady – Maddie Tubiolo

Hatseller – Sam McDonald

Flower Sellers – Izzy Kress, Lily Welborn

Milk Maid – Natalie Ealy

Enchanted Objects

Spoons – Rebecca Jochims, Kara Gilmore

Knives – Cora Bell, Timothy Duggins

Forks – Mykah Green, Isabella Salamone

Napkins – Taneah Lightsey, Timirra Thorpe, Emerson Welborn

Plates – Vanessa Velazquez, Jordan Carey, Abbey Hopkins

Sugar Cubes – Daniela Urgiles, Max McDonald

Salt – Olivia Knighten

Pepper – Makayla Micheo

Whisk – Amanda Lauren Cabigting

Rug – Sarah Fox


Stage Manager – Emily Sledge

Assistant Stage Manager – Sarah Catherine Beck

Props Master – Shane Hansard

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