Cast List for Shrek


Directed by Tami Kress
Music Direction by Becky Feldmann
Choreography by Ginger Strickland

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for Shrek, The Musical. Casting this show was a struggle and an overwhelming job for our directors – we had over 100 individuals audition! We wish we could’ve cast many more auditionees, but there are simply not enough roles. If you were not cast in this production, please remember that there will be more opportunities soon – auditions for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and Disney’s Little Mermaid Jr. will be up next!

If you have been cast in Shrek please email Meredith Gornto at no later than 5 pm on Friday, August 22nd to accept or decline your role. Upon your acceptance, I will send you an email that contains important paperwork that will need to be completed and brought to the parent meeting on Monday, August 25th at 6:30pm at Alamance Lutheran Church. It is essential that cast members and at least one parent attend this very important informational meeting.

And now, congratulations to the cast of Shrek, The Musical!


Shrek Matthew Davidson
Fiona Gianna Rini
Donkey Adrian Beck
Farquaad Eric Feldmann
Thelonius Sophia Crompton
Gingy Sophia Ison
Greeter Lily Welborn
Teen Fiona Sydney Pereira
Little Fiona Amy Feldmann
King Harold Tyler Haugle
Queen Lillian Caroline Segars
Pinocchio Cole Kennedy
White Rabbit Josiah Edwards
Fairy Godmother Hannah Strickland
Peter Pan Joseph Banko
Ugly Duckling Abby Chester
Sugar Plum Fairy Savannah Thomas
3 Pigs Michaela Mock, Caroline Carpenter, Katie Clark
3 Blind mice Kaylee Kress, Alina Cardwell, Anya Cardwell
Tweedle Rachel Ealy
Wolf Tristan Overman
Humpty Dumpty Aidan Tysinger
Witch Gracie Ficklin
Mama Bear Lacey Dyer
Papa Bear Joel Knudson
Baby Bear Izzy Kress
Mad Hatter Becca Stargel
Elf Vanessa Velazquez
Belle Emily Sledge
Bo Peep Meghan Dumayne
Tinkerbell Timirra Thorpe
Red Riding Hood Sara Davis
Glinda Abby Dyer
Captain of the Guard Shane Hansard
Dragon Lauren Gornto
Bluebird Savannah Thomas
Pied Piper Ally McLean
Bishop Bryan Council
Sign Bearer Ryan Mertz
Dwarf–Grumpy Andrew Altmann
Happy people/Mob Ally McLean, Bryan Council, Andrew Altmann, Lily Welborn, Sophia Crompton, Little Red (Sara Davis), Ryan Mertz
Farquaad’s Guards Austin Cardwell, Burke King, Joshua Leiser, Nick Chester, Isaac Feldmann, Kendal Fischer, Chloe Connor
Head Duloc Performer Hannah Ficklin
Duloc Performers Camden Wilder, Jadon Yellock, Jake Genderson, Hailey Korzekwinski, Kara Gilmore, Brooke Hoernke
Kinghts-back up singers Seth Hansard, Adrian Cardwell, Katelyn Wilder, Caroline Segars, Tyler Haugle, Sydney Pereira, Amy Feldmann
Dancing Rat tappers Rachel Teseneer, Kayla Korzekwinski, Emerson Welborn, Anya Cardwell, Alina Cardwell, Kaylee Kress, Ally Feldmann
Young Shrek Seth Hansard
Mama Shrek Katelyn Wilder
Papa Shrek Adrian Cardwell
Dragon Puppeteers Rachel Teseneer, Kayla Korzekwinski, Emerson Welborn, Ally McLean
Props Nicky Carter
Set Marilyn Hohl, Vivian Hohl, Henry Hohl


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